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Top of the Line quality services


Gunsmithing Services

Whether your looking to get your firearm cleaned, repaired, customized, optics mounted, bore sighted or need advice; we are here to assist you.

Scary rifle practice

Firearms Instruction

Shooting skeet ear pro

Cleaning and Maintenenace

We offer comprehensive cleaning services:

- Quick clean.

- Ultra sonic immersion bath.

- Complete tear down cleaning. 

- Finishing and refinishing.

We can get your firearm back in tip top shape.  All cleaning and maintenance procedures follow manufacturer approved guidelines to ensure compliance with warranties.

We have over 20 years experience in teaching firearms proficiency and advanced tactics in the military as well as being NRA certified.  If you are new to firearms,

want to tighten up your groups, train for precision rifle, or just advance your skills, we can help.

-Basic pistol, rifle and shotgun usage.

-NRA Basic Pistol Qualification (For Conceal Carry Permits)

-Advanced pistol, rifle and shotgun employment.

-Precision rifle employment. (Shooter, Spotter, Field Craft)

-Close Quarters Battle, Defensive Tactics and Home Defense.

- One on One firearms instruction.


We can accurately determine your firearms current condition and assess its value.  You might need this service for filing with your insurance company or determining whether or not you would like to undertake a firearm restoration.

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